Periodontology is a branch of dentistry dealing with gingivitis, periodontal diseases and periodontal micro-surgery.

Gingivitis manifests in redness, pain, hypersensitivity and bad breath. Sometimes it is accompanied by bleeding during tooth brushing. Untreated gingivitis may lead to periodontitis.

Periodontitis manifests in destruction of the tissue surrounding teeth – gums and bones. It leads to loss of tissues holding the teeth in the oral cavity, which may cause their premature loss. Apart from esthetic problems, periodontitis has a strong effect on human organism.Patients with periodontitis often suffer from such diseases as: diabetes, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, stroke or rheumatism. Periodontitis also affects the course of treatment of such diseases. The effect of periodontitis on preterm births and low birth weights in infants has also been confirmed.

Treatment of periodontitis is difficult due to the nature of the disease and virulence of bacteria that cause it. The sooner the disease is diagnosed and treated, the better the chances for stopping the disease progression. There is a number of cutting-edge methods of treatment of periodontitis, such as photodynamic therapy using laser light..

If, as a result of periodontitis or orthodontic treatment, tooth roots become exposed – receding gums – it is possible to cover them using periodontological micro-surgery. Currently, there are methods of bone regeneration in situations when the bone is destroyed as a result of periodontitis. Bone substitute materials and special micro-surgical techniques are used for this purpose.

Plastic micro-surgery deals with repair of lip and buccal frena, preparation of patients for orthodontic treatment, implantation, as well as esthetic implant dentistry.With proper preparation of the patient for orthodontic treatment, it is possible to maintain esthetic balance between even teeth and a beautiful gum line.

Periodontology also also deals with mucous membrane diseases – from treatment of burning sensation in the oral cavity to histopathological diagnostics of suspected oral tumours..

Recession before surgery

Recession before surgery

Recession after surgery

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