Dental implants are a reliable, safe and effective method of replacing missing teeth. They are also the most effective method of supporting partial or total dental prostheses.        

Single tooth missing

If you need to replace only one tooth missing, an implant could be a better alternative for you than a conventional dental bridge. In order to make a standard bridge, it is necessary to prepare (partially damage) the neigbouring teeth.. By choosing implants, you can avoid preparing your teeth, especially when they are healthy, without any fillings or caries..

Several teeth missing

Just as in the case of a single missing tooth, it is worth considering whether an implant is a better alternative for a bridge on teeth surrounding the gap.In order to replace a large number of teeth, making a partial prosthesis may be necessary. With implants, it is possible to make a permanent prosthesis. Such a solution ensures functional comfort comparable with natural teeth, eliminating the problems associated with dentures (potentially requiring glue and/or metal braces that are uncomfortable and visually unattractive.Implants help keep the bones of the upper and lower jaw healthy, maintaining the individual shape of the face by preventing cheek collapse.

Total tooth loss

Dental implants are the only effective method of improving stability and support of complete dentures. Use of ill-fitted dentures affects the way a patient eats, speaks and looks. If the dentures are placed on implants, there is no need to reline it often. The comfort of use and durability of such prosthetic solutions are great for patients and improve their quality of life..




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