Computer-controlled anesthesia - THE WAND

What causes most of the pain during anesthesia?
Most of the pain during anesthesia is not caused by the insertion of a needle, but by the flow of anesthetic, damaging the tissues. With The Wand device, the problem of tissue spreading under high pressure has been eliminated, making completely painless anesthesia possible.

THE WAND – what it is?
It is a device for application of local dental anesthesia, in which the process of administration of anesthetic is controlled by a microprocessor system.

What is THE WAND for?
To administer all the types of local anesthesia used in the dentistry. 

The needle of a traditional syringe turns in the tissue.
Because of a needle’s construction (beveled tip) and the hitherto practice of inserting it via syringes, carpules and other types of traditional applicators it deviates from its intended course when penetrating the tissue. Research shows that the needle can deviate from its intended target by as much as 5 mm. Hence, the block anesthesia is often insufficiently precise and thus less effective. According to the most recent scientific research, in at least 25% of cases anesthesia in the form of a nerve block is ineffective. The special structure of The Wand’s applicator as well as a modified technique for administering the dose eliminate this problem.

Why is anesthesia administered using The Wand painless for the patient?
Because The Wand feeds the anesthetic fluid very slowly, i.e. under microprocessor control. It is absorbed locally and not pumped under high pressure (as is the case with traditional syringes). The computer administers the dose precisely, which is not achievable when administered by hand.

Light-cured fillings

Composite (light-cured) fillings ensure precise, esthetic and functional restoration of damaged dental tissues. In our office, we use the top quality materials only selected on the basis of the most recent scientific research.


Special gel for removal of caries without drilling

What is Carisolv gel?
Carisolv is a chemomechanical, minimally invasive method of caries treatment. This method uses a gel and special tools. The gel consists of a pink-coloured fluid composed of three amino-acids and a transparent fluid containing e.g. sodium hypochlorite in low concentration. The fluids are mixed directly before application. The mixed fluids are then applied to the caries in order to soften it. Special instruments are developed and constantly improved to remove the caries only while protecting the healthy dental tissue. The tips of the tools are sharp but they have blunt cutting angles. They are designed especially for Carisolv system and come in different sizes and shapes. Carisolv gel does not remove the healthy dental tissue and does not affect the soft tissues. 

The gel does not affect the healthy dental tissue or the soft tissue.  

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