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                                                                PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY



We offer you one of the top-notch therapies   - photodynamic therapy. With this method, it is possible to treat periodontal diseases even in patients who cannot be treated with chronic antibiotic therapies for various reasons. Photodynamic therapy helps patients keep   their periodontium healthy or in a stable condition after initial treatment.


The core of the photodynamic therapy is the combination of a photosensitizer, light with proper wavelength and oxygen. cells – in the case of periodontal diseases - with bacteria causing and maintaining such diseasesHigh-precision laser is used as the light source.


Anti-bacterial photodynamic therapy has been tested in both in vitro and in vivo conditions.

Laboratory tests have confirmed high efficiency of this therapy with regard to bacteria causing periodontal diseases.


From a practical point of view, photodynamic therapy can be used to treat patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, e.g. ulcerative colitis, for whom treatment with chronic antibiotic therapy can be very difficult or even impossible.


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